First attempt at doing anything like this.I picked up MarsEdit a week ago and so far it is working out. I’m certainly not a pro at blogging and don’t plan on being one. I just like how it behaves and just works.

 So after a month of not really writing anything, I think it’s time to put pen to paper and go. Back to MarsEdit, If I were a seasoned, full-fledged blogger, I think it would be worth the price tag. But, since I’m not I think the WordPress app on my mac desktop would suffice quite well. Just my two cents. Sometimes, I still make questionable decisions. But I’m good with that, that’s how I learn. I read a lot of personal financial blogs, looking for that one little pearl, that piece of advice or that one little idea to implement in my personal life. Anyway, what I have found is that they all seem to mirror and copy each other after a while. But I found one that mentioned a “not buy anything for a month” challenge, excluding food, gas, etc. Haven’t heard of that one before and thought it was an interesting take. For me, there’s a lot of self help in my personal finance, meaning that my “beliefs” about money pretty much reflect my outlook on life, “$20 is a lot of money, if you don’t have it.”, pretty much sums it up.

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