Last week I started to investigate the possibility of having a VPN. The list below is what I’ve done.

1. My own Modem. Currently I have Xfinity’s gateway, which is a combination WiFi and modem. So I pick up an Arris SB6190, which is listed as being compatible on Xfinity’s page. I began the process of having an Xfinity rep activate my modem…no luck. After 40 minutes w/her, I ended plugging the Xfinity gateway back in. My problem is this, I also use my Airport Express as my WiFi router because of the 1Tb of backup it has and just let the gateway do it’s thing. So at the end of the day I have essentially 4 WiFi signals in my home network. Long story short, this morning I look at my account page and see that Arris modems Serial Number listed is actually the MAC address I gave the rep last nite, which might have something to do with why it didn’t work. Of course, the rep was in Mumbai, India, makes total sense to me. So tonight I will try once again.

2. A Router. For this particular task, the Linksys WRT-32X DD-WRT. I though about installing my own software, looked like a hack, so I picked the router up from Flashrouters.

3. A VPN. I chose Nord, simply because of the price.

Hopefully, I’ll get the modem installed and the rest will follow.

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