It’s really quite a shame this isn’t a “product review” type site, cause if it were, I would spend my time dishing on Microsoft and Dell. There’s only one reason I have a windows based system, CAD and excel. I have had two Dell laptops in the last two years. The first one, a touch tablet-laptop, just decided to AWOL on afternoon, piece of shit. Then, that wasn’t good enough, I purchased another as a replacement. Now, this one works, it’s just slower than shit and it’s an overall disappointment. On the other hand, I have Apple and they just go BANG, each and every time I pull the trigger. My iPhone connects to everything, my iMac works flawlessly along with my MacBook. 

 Heres a pet peeve. How do I get rid of left-over OneDrive folders, after I’ve uninstalled that piece of useless junk? 

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