It’s raining AGAIN and it’s a payed day off, what’s left to say. This weather is keeping me off water! Every damn weekend has been laden with thunder boomers. I like to read fishing blogs or I used to like reading them. Wired2Fish used to be a favorite, but it seems the millenials and/or metro sexuals have taken a shining to fishing. It was only a matter of time, i guess. Today I came across a new buzzword “fry-guardians”.  It was in 2 separate articles and I’m thinking to myself what a bunch of copy cats. They even went on to explain what this term means, “fish that guard their nest”. This seems to me to be somewhat cartoonish, but totally fits their mentality. 

 I was taking out at a landing Saturday morning, the water was up at least 2 feet than normal, which meant half the concrete landing was submerged. Now it takes me roughly 3-4 minutes to get out and low and behold some impatient fuck-nut was bound and determined he was going to launch right beside me, there was not enough room for this to happen. But he continued to back down and I thought to myself……major confrontation. But, evidently he thought twice and stopped. I just think the mass populous are rude and inconsiderate, especially the younger set.

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